At IAMMAI it is our mission to make the the best performance clothes on the planet. Ones that not only outperform other leading brands, but also ones that inspire you and motivate you to achieve your best.





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  • What makes our clothes so amazing?

    Scientists have proven that overheating and exhaustion are the top reasons for decreased performance when performing physical activities. With our exclusive CoolCore fabric technology you can now stay cooler, longer. 

    Cooler is Better

    We used thermal infrared cameras to record the same person, running at the same speed for the same amount of time while wearing a competitors shirt (left) and then wearing an IAMMAI shirt (right). The difference in body temperature is obvious.

    Tried and Tested

    Our fabric was tested at the worlds most prestigious testing facility in Germany. Tested against the top 5 leading performance apparel brands in the world (Nike, Under Armour, Puma, Adidas and Northface) for fabric cooling, moisture wicking and other abilities, we beat them in every category. It's as simple as that. 

    No chemical Coating

    We do not coat our shirts with chemicals, their abilities to wick away moisture, cool down and over all feel amazing will never diminish or wash away because of this. The powers are scientifically engineered into the fabric.  

    Superior Moisture Management

    When tested against the top 5 brands in the world, our shirts wicked moisture away better and faster than any other brand. Keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

  • Get better results than ever before.

    At IAMMAI we make clothes that allow you to perform better than ever. Our goal is to inspire people to do what inspires them. Inspiratoin. Get some. 

    Be Inspired

    Positive and inspirational messages are used all over the world to motivate people to achieve their best. We use them in our designs to push you further. 

    Perform Better

    Staying cooler means you can perform better. With our special fabric our shirts are 30% cooler than others. 

    Raise $ for Charity

    Going for a walk, bike ride or a run? Now you can become a sponsored athlete and raise money just by exercising. Find out how here.

  • Charity Miles

    IAMMAI is a proud sponsor of Charity Miles. A free app that lets you raise money for charities simply by walking, running or biking. 



    Ready to become a sponsored athlete? Simply turn on the app, choose a charity, and press start. As you exercise, the app tracks your distance and the money earned. When you're finished, accept your sponsorship, spread the word, and Charity Miles will send you a note confirming your good work.



    How it Works:

    It's as easy as this: get moving. Bikers earn 10¢ a mile and walkers and runners earn 25¢ a mile, up to the initial $1,000,000 sponsorship pool.


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